The Batman: Official Trailer Reveals First Looks at Zoë Kravitz's Catwoman, Jeffrey Wright's Gordon

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne and Batman in The Batman
By Lauren Rouse

The long awaited The Batman DC FanDome panel has just occurred revealing new information about the next iteration of Batman on screen. Matt Reeves spoke at length about his intentions for the new film and how it will differ to previous version of Batman.

Robert Pattinson also appeared to intro the film and expressed how much he is looking forward to returning to the character. The Batman shut down production in March with about 30% of the film complete, but it is aiming for a September resumption of production .


At the end of the panel, director Matt Reeves debuted the first trailer for The Batman . This trailer is similar to the one that leaked a couple of hours before the panel but can now be seen officially below:


The trailer follows through on Reeves' promise of a darker Batman . Robert Pattinson's iteration seems younger, rougher and less refined as can be seen in his brutal fighting style. The film style appears more noir and gritty, featuring Jeffrey Wright's Gordon dealing with the corruption of Gotham with Batman at his side.

Zoe Kravitz's Selina Kyle can also be glimpsed, but as Reeves said during the panel, Kravitz will be playing Kyle before she becomes Catwoman, acting as an origin story for her character as well. Nothing was glimpsed of Colin Farrell's Penguin or Paul Dano's Riddler but it seemed one of Riddler's iconic riddles played out in voice over towards the end of the trailer. It's possible The Riddler will act in a similar way the Joker did in The Dark Knight, as a villain who wants to push Batman to his limits.

Considering the film has only completed 25-30% of filming there's plenty of quality footage included in the trailer, which holds great promise for what else is to come when The Batman finally releases.