What If...? Ep 8, Venom 2 Review, Marvel Lawsuit Update, Boba Fett Release Date (The Direct Podcast)

ultron, what if, venom, carnage
By Liam Crowley




We have a double feature of reviews this week on The Direct Podcast!

What If...? debuts its penultimate episode, exploring a universe where Ultron won. We recap and review Marvel animated's eighth episode, analyze what the groundbreaking ending means, and offer our predictions for the finale.

On the theatrical side, Venom: Let There Be Carnage has hit theaters! With much of the marketing campaign focused on the film's post credits scene, was the movie itself any good? We analyze all things Eddie Brock and deep dive into the future plans for the Venom franchise. 

Aside from the reviews, all three branches of Marvel, DC, and Star Wars brought big news this week. Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe in danger of losing some of their biggest characters? Who is joining the cast of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom? Is The Book of Boba Fett's release date a conflict of interest?

Thanks y'all for the support week in and week out. Keep those iTunes reviews coming!


3:40 - Quick Question

9:07 - Sizzle Reel

11:44 - Stan Lee / Steve Ditko Estates Sue Marvel

19:28 - New Aquaman 2 Castings and Characters

23:15 - Andor Teases

25:36 - Book of Boba Fett's Release Date

32:43 - What If...? Ep8 Review

56:18 - Venom: Let There Be Carnage Review

1:33:23 - Venom 2's Post Credits Scene

1:55:34 - Weekly Recs