Joe Manganiello Opens Up About DCEU Deathstroke Origin Movie That Hasn't Been Made... Yet

Comic Deathstroke and Joe Manganiello as Slade Wilson
By Pierre Chanliau

To the misfortune of fans and Joe Manganiello, his Deathstroke post-credit scene was changed in reshoots when Ben Affleck's The Batman fell through. Manganiello even described the overall plot and tone of the scrapped Batman movie starring himself and Ben Affleck.

Thankfully, Manganiello was brought back for Zack Snyder's reshoots for his Justice League cut, and he will have additional scenes added to the movie . Fans were even given a chance to see Deathstroke's new look in the cut, sporting a wicked mohawk .

But, including his role in Ben Affleck's The Batman , Manganiello had his own ambitions of a Deathstroke movie, going so far as to have a treatment for the movie written.


In an interview with Yahoo! Entertainment , when discussing Ben Affleck's original The Batman , Joe Manganiello also mentioned his own efforts to have a standalone Deathstroke movie made, which described as consuming “...six months’ worth of his blood, sweat and tears.”

Manganiello said he actually “worked with an Oscar-nominated writer” on the film's script, but that “it was one of those projects that got canceled during that period:”

“There were maybe seven different Deathstroke projects that all didn't happen over the course of four years. It’s one of those funny things in Hollywood and in life where you’ve just got to let it go.”

However, there may be a light at the end of this tunnel for Joe Manganiello and his Deathstroke. Depending on how Zack Snyder's Justice League is received by subscribers on HBO Max, Manganiello will have renewed hopes of his standalone Deathstroke treatment getting looked at again:

“Hopefully this will reinvigorate interest from the fans as far as wanting to see this version of the character get told. We landed on an origin story that everyone I’ve ever pitched it to has gone crazy for. There’s been so many versions of this character over the years, and I just wanted to put my own stink on him.”


Much like the prospects of Ben Affleck returning as his Batman in a series or movie for HBO Max , if Zack Snyder's Justice League proves to be a success for the service, then it may give hope for Joe Manganiello to be given the same treatment. It would certainly be interesting to see what a Deathstroke movie would be about, whether it be his beginnings as a gun and sword for hire or maybe introducing his children. However, that could be treading old ground, as the recent Titans series has already done that.

Regardless, it's admiring to see Joe Manganiello so passionate about Deathstroke and his work with the character, even if it ended with him only having a couple of seconds of screen time in the costume in a post-credit scene. It'd be a shame for Warner Bros. not to at least use him for the character down the line if they ever decide to revisit Deathstroke.