Aquaman 2: Jason Momoa Is Going Blonde For DC Sequel

aquaman-jason-momoa-blonde hair
By Liam Crowley

Nearly three years after the smash success of the King of the Sea's first solo film, production is getting underway on Aquaman 2.

The sequel, officially titled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomwill see Jason Momoa return to the role of Arthur Curry as well as James Wan coming back to the director's chair. Cast members from the 2018 flick such as Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will also make the trek back to Atlantis, while Game of Thrones star Pilou Asbaek is set to join the cast in a mystery role.

Filming officially began a couple of weeks ago, and the film's leading man will be reporting to set tomorrow. This time, however, Momoa will be rocking a more comic-accurate look.



Jason Momoa is ditching his signature brunette locks for the upcoming Aquaman sequel.

Taking to Instagram, Momoa announced in a video that he was in London, England to "start Aquaman 2 tomorrow." Momoa followed that up by providing a wardrobe update for Arthur Curry, noting he's due for a hair color change.

"This is the last day of the brown [hair]. I'm going to be a blonde. Supposedly have more fun. I don't know about that. We'll test it out."

The former Game of Thrones star followed that up by expressing his excitement to see director James Wan and the rest of the cast, while also giving his love to his fans and family.

Thousands offered their support in the comments, with a certain DCEU co-star standing out amongst the rest. Black Adam himself, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, gave his wished Momoa's crew a fantastic production.

"Have a GREAT shoot brother and give James my love. Have fun!! King of Sea." 


aquaman blonde

It may not seem like much, but making Aquaman blonde for the sequel goes a long way in getting fans on board.

The DCEU has long been criticized for ditching its vast color palette for darker shades when adapting its superheroes to live-action. Diana Prince's shining red and blue from Wonder Woman 1984 originally debuted as a rusted crimson and dark cerulean in 2016's Batman v Superman. Barry Allen's bright scarlet suit he's set to show off in The Flash began as a wine-red heavily mixed with black. Even Arthur Curry originally landed on-screen with an amber and forest green blend before embracing his orange and emerald in 2018's Aquaman.

Noticing a pattern here?

As the solo films continue to flesh these characters out, they also start working in comic-accurate colors into their wardrobes. Aquaman stunned fans with Momoa's vibrant Atlantean armor in the film's final act, but the sequel is looking to take that one step further. In the comics, almost all iterations of Arthur Curry showcase the King of Atlantis with blonde hair, whether it be long and flowing or tightly trimmed.

It is important to note Momoa did have blonde highlights in both Justice League and Aquaman, but based on his tone in the video, it appears he will be taking on a full head of yellow hair for the sequel. 

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom plunges into theaters on December 16, 2022.